Our story is an ancient tale of tailor-made quality.

From the strategic corporate merger between Home Decor and Beatrix Italia, we are glad to welcome the brand new BTX Decor.

The values ​​on which our roots are based and on which we have channelled our skills are the high tailoring of the fabric and the creation of tailor-made collections, specifically designed for and together with our customers, thanks to a team of technicians and designers who work every day in cohesion in our Italian weaving factory, adhering to our vocation of high Italian craftsmanship.

Type approval is not part of our universe of corporate values.

Each collection is thought of as a real work of art: conceived, designed and woven to measure, the result of an intimate connection between our know-how and the will and the needs of those who choose to trust us.

Together with our long history and the link with tradition, our creations always look towards the future, they are designed and created in synergy with the application of new technologies that allow us to ennoble the fibres and increase the performance of our products, which are scrupulously tested by certified laboratories, in full compliance with the strictest quality standards.