High-performing yarns and Tailor-made collections

Our story is an ancient tale of tailor-made quality.

From the strategic corporate merger between Home Decor and Beatrix Italia, we are glad to welcome the brand new BTX Decor.

Each collection is thought of as a real work of art: conceived, designed and woven to measure, the result of an intimate connection between our know-how and the will and the needs of those who choose to trust us.

A thousand and one declinsions

Our Collections

Fabrics with a sartorial imprint

All the BTX Decor collections are designed with extreme care and dedication and go through a long process of prototyping and fine-tuning, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also and above all from a technical point of view: inside our laboratory analysis and tests, continuous checks and verifications are carried out on all production batches, with the aim of always being able to guarantee the highest quality standards on the market, according to current European ISO standards

Cos’è DiNuovo?

Fabrics obtained from 100% reclaimed yarns

Since 1998 DiNuovo® has been our flagship brand, a melting pot of Italian experience, tailoring and love for our planet.

The Circular Economy is by definition an economic model based on activities that can regenerate themselves, to the detriment of standardization and waste and in clear opposition to the principles of a ‘Linear Economy’.